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Just staring with C4. And had a few questions.

I am planning on installing the Thermostat first. I was looking in the forums but didn't find the following answers.

1. Can i just install the thermostat? or do i need to install a controller as well to interface with the thermstat.

2. I see that the thermostat supports Zigbee, but does it support 802.11abg or n? to connect to my WLAN

3. if it supports WLAN can i interface with he thremostat with my IPAD c4 app? or do i need a controller?

Any other suggestions with my basic config?

Looking forward to fining out more from this community. thanks very much for your help.


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The thermostats can run independently from a C4 system but they would work the same as a simple thermostat. You need to add a controller to get the benefits for the system. They only support Zigbee. The Ipad/Iphone app talks to the controller which talks to everything else in your project.

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Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for. So you need a controller for, well anything then. ie. lighting etc. All devices communicate through the controller then.? And software communicates with the controller.

THanks for your help.

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Exactly. Zigbee is used to connect all wireless devices such as switches, dimmers, thermostats, remotes. Controllers run the software that is loaded and configured by your dealer. You can have more than one controller based on the size of your project. You can also add additional controllers as your project grows. You can also program the system via a "home user" version of the software, just can't add any new devices. Pretty much each zigbee device is a repeater so coverage is pretty decent as long as you have a few devices scattered around the home.

I love my Control4 system. Better yet, even my wife likes it. That is a true statement.

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