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sony 777


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I have a couple of questions and would love some input.

1. I plan to use this doe like 75% CD's and 25% DVD....I am curious to some users opinion of this player as a CD player.

2. Has anyone used this device with copied CD's or DVD's? can you still publish album art, etc?

3. Is the player loud when changing discs etc? I plan to leave it in my family room and dont know if that is a great idea or not.

Thank you,


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I can't answer the "copied" CD or DVD question. I have used it with standard CDs and yes, the album art does show up.

As for quiet operation, it's extremely quiet. In fact, I've found myself looking at it to see if it's moving it's so quiet. It isn't exactly quick - it can take several seconds to turn on, rotate and load the movie (or CD), but I'm very pleased with it and plan to purchase another one. The first one is full already.

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