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...an RF module, or RF control built into an SR250


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I'm wondering at recent trade shows, or C4 meetings this sort of request has been tossed around.

With alot of devices coming out with RF only..Logitech Google TV, D link Boxee box, Telstra T-Box, Kylo's "loop" etc is there anything on the C4 horizon here?

This will help me in deciding what to do with device choice in the future..Thx :)

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I'm curious, what do consider Zigbee as?

Sure. OK. Then where is the tie in with RF control of devices? They aren't zigbee are they? (Or are they?) I've got no idea....I know 2way IP control is the holy grail, but IP drivers of various web browsers haven't surfaced yet. Even a simple IR > RF converter might be a plus in the short term.....

Ideally, I guess what I am asking is for some sort of wii type wifi remote capability built into say the SR250 to allow for media centre control (like the kylo loop, Glide TV remote, or the new logitech google device), so that the old reach for the second remote problem doesn't start to resurface again....:)

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Each and everyone of those uses different frequencies and protocols,

In short what you are asking for is nigh impossible.


Ok. Understood. So where to then when IPTV really takes off and GoogleTV, Kylo, or Glide become the main way of viewing content on the TV? I've been putting the latter two through their paces :).....IR just doesn't cut it.

We really do need a solution. Non computer based "viewing box" devices look like having RF remotes. With Computer based (eg HTPC via OSX/Windows) IR breaks down. Particularly during scoll, point and click and search. It is incredibly cumbersome using IR on a TV keyboard... Most of the HTPC solutions available now and any others in the future look like being browser or "app" based. Yeh I know things like "clicker.com" or Hulu can be launched from XBMC, and some are going to say to use the IP driver for XBMC, but XBMC and the like doesn't give you a full comprehensive, easy to use and snappy search. Nor is it configurable. What if you only want to use xbmc to search content? Nothing else.

The best solution then might be a web browser IP driver for Safari/Explorer or Firefox....(like the XBMC one), but I have no idea if this is possible...

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RF is a minefield of incompatibility. Not only do manufacturers use different *protocols*, they also use different RF *frequencies* and *modulation schemes*. It's not likely to get any better, either, unless RF4CE takes off, or something along those lines, but I don't expect it anytime soon...

The ideal target is not RF, but IP control.

Nearly every device these days has an Ethernet port on it, if the manufacturers were just smart enough to have an intelligent IP protocol, things would be good.


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