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HC-200 or IR/AV over Cat5?


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I have two TVs that one day, I would like to bring into my system. What would you advise, 2 HC-200s (one per TV) or AV/IR over Cat5 (with appropriate baluns)?

Each TV would be served by its own cable box and a Netgear Digital Entertainer. There are no constraints running cat5 to where I need to.

Does this usually come down to price or convenience of running cable? What would be your preferred way to incorporate these two TVs and have the cable boxes, Digital Entertainers and Controller in a central location?

Thanks for any advice.

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If I have a choice, I always run the wire, eliminating the need for baluns. Wire rarely fails; baluns, or there power supplies do. I veiw baluns as a retro-fit option, unless the are required per distance limitations, or the Sony switch.

It does mean that you would need to run wire for each source, if your not putting it all on a switch.

Putting a 200 at each TV is Control4's recomendation, but I think it would depend on your system configuration, mesh strength, and it you need an on screen navigator the new locations.

my .02

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