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Control4 and DSC Power 832 Security System

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Hello All:

I'm working in a development with 45 homes all of which have the DSC Power832 Alarm system, mostly integrated with motion, door/window sensors, infrared, etc.

Has anyone integrated this type of system with the Control4 system?

The integration I'm looking for from this possible integration is for Control4 to react base on any state the alarm system is in, whether the sensors are triggered or dooor opened, etc.

I'm hoping the DSC Power832 has the hooks for C4 because I don't want to tell the developer that he has to replace all of the security system keypads and controllers to have this integration.

Any help?

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Do you have a Power832 panel yourself in your shop?

You may want to contact Eldon Greenwood (egreenwood@control4.com), and ask him about it. The DSC Power 832 driver is currently under development, and Eldon should soon be looking for a few volunteers to give it a try.

I don't think you'd necessarily want to throw it into homes quite yet, but if you had a panel or two you could test it against, you may be a good candidate. It does require the serial module to be installed into the panel (I can't remember the part #).


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Hi All

I'm working on a fairly large project at the moment and I'm battling to get to grips with the partitioning of the DSC 864.Is it possible to group particular motion sensors ,door contacts etc into a partitions instead of an entire room the reason i'm asking is because the alarm was already in existence upon starting this project

Please Help


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