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Programming tool to set one variable equal to another


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I would like for C4 to incorporate into Composer the ability to set one variable equal to another variable. This feature would be similar to what we can now do with containers—with one critical difference—namely, that we could control when this happens instead of having it happen continuously as it does with containers.

Specifically, here’s what I would like to see. Under the programming tab, in the right column (“Actions”) if I select a variable in the top block (“Device Actions”), then in the lower block, the software currently offers three options (1. Set a variable to some discrete value; 2. Set a variable to a random value within a specified range; and 3. Increment/decrement/multiply/divide). I would like to see a fourth option like “Set to value of…” followed by a drop-down box, in which, one could select any other variable—either a system variable or a user-created variable.

This would give us the ability to “remember” something. Right now, containers don’t allow us to “remember” anything because they constantly update.

I recently did a project which required us to incorporate a third-party page/doorbell unit. When someone pressed the doorbell button, I needed to be able to take a “snapshot” of the current on/off state, source, and volume in every zone (of a 10 zone system), then switch every zone to the doorbell chime (line-level input) and set every zone to an appropriate doorbell volume, then put every zone back to it’s original state after the doorbell event. This took something like 1900 instructions to pull off (which the controller doesn’t handle very well). If C4 would give us the programming tool that I am asking for, I would be able to program this doorbell event with only about 60 instructions.

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