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Kramer 8x8 VP88ETH Matrix Switch


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I recently came into the Control4 world about a year ago with the purchase of the HC-300 and 250 remote. This was mainly to run everything within our TV room (DirecTV HR20, Denon Receiver, xBox 360, and Samsung 72" DLP). Next came a few light switches. Since then, we have decided to relocate the majority of the equipment to the basement and set up an A/V room to house everything. I have purchased additional HC200 and HC500 controllers and a Kramer 8X8 VP88ETH Matrix Switch. The HC500 plugs directly into the Kramer via serial cable but there is no driver I have found that runs it properly. I have started to set up a driver for it, however am a novice when it comes to serial codes etc. So far I have been able to figure out most things but am stumped on how to proceed. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Running 1.7.4 software.

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using driver wizard you need to add a $ sign to signify hex

so to change input 2 to output 8, the code entered in driver wizard should be:

$01 $82 $88 $81

The driver wizard is going to read the code you enter for input 2 to output 8 when it creates the .c4i file. This will be put in the c4i file

<original>$01 $82 $88 $81</original> <= hex values

<data>01 82 88 81</data> <= hex value

If you entered it as

01 82 88 81

without the $, it will assume you are entering decimal codes and when it creates the .c4i it will convert them to hex automatically.

<original>01 82 88 81</original> <= decimal value

<data>01 52 58 51</data> <= converted to hex it's wrong

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