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Dimmer setup options


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I would like for C4 to add two features to the dimmer setup under the system design tab. The first (and most important) would be to give us the option to have the dimmer go to the last dim setting when it is turned on. Right now, Composer only allows us to specify a light level for that dimmer to always go to when it is turned on. Most dimmers on the market don’t work that way—most go to whatever dimming level they were set to prior to being turned off. Many customers are used to this functionality—and they want it—but it is very difficult for us to give them this option. The second feature that I would like to see is the option to program a second action if the top or bottom rocker of a dimmer is “double-tapped”—in other words, if I press the top of the rocker once, the light ramps up at a specified rate to a specified level (or to the last dimming level)—if I “double-tap” the top rocker (i.e. press it twice within a specified time interval), then the light does some other programmable action—perhaps “snap” to full bright. The "UPStart" software for programming UPB lights offers this feature.

We recently installed a 10 audio-zone system that originally was sold with no lighting devices. I installed one dimmer for the homeowner to play with to see if he would be interested in incorporating lighting control into the project. I explained the concept of “scene” lighting control and I demoed control of the light from keypads and from the Navigator menus. The homeowner told me that if I could make the dimmer turn on to its last dim setting (like his old Lutron Maestro dimmer) he would buy dimmers and keypads for the whole house (about 40 loads—plus probably 15 keypads). He also told me that if I couldn’t make the dimmer turn on to its last dim setting that he would like me to promptly remove the Control4 dimmer and re-install his old Lutron dimmer!

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