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Draper Lift relay

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Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting a Draper motorized lift to work. I ran cat5 from the lift to my Media Controller. The lift has three terminals: common, up, and down. I figured that this would be common, normally open, and normally closed on a relay output on the MC. Hooked up this way, I get a click from the relay on the lift, but nothing happens. I'm new to relays and contacts, so any help would be appreciated. Here's the low voltage guide for the lift:


Another person wired a motorized screen before I got here, so I'm tempted to hook it up the same way he did. That one has a 16/2 to the screen. The postive goes to NO, the negative goes to the Gnd on a contact on the MC. Then there's a jumper from the common of the relay to the 12v+ on the contact. Makes sense, but I don't know if that's correct or not.

thanks for the help!

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have you tried manually touching the common to the up and then the down. Does this get the screen to move?

If you hook something up normally closed it will leave it connected at all times. You will probably need to use two separate relays one for open and one for close and leave it in the normally open state. Jump the common wire between the two.


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