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GE concord alarm systems, just a simple question...


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Are the GE concord alarm systems just a buy off the self type system "you" install and it stands alone, or is there an option for a monthly monitoring. Like ADT does with their systems?

It just seems to me when every I do a search on the GE concord unit I never see it as a product any company advertises as a product that they install. Then again, I could be looking in the wrong places....

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National Alarm companies that offer monitoring often throw in the panel as part of the initial contract, kind of like phone contracts.

Because of this, they want the *cheapest possible* panel that will be compatible with their monitoring service. This typically excludes panels with automation functionality, with a few exceptions.

GE Concord, or NetworX NX-8 panels both can support any kind of monitoring, as well has have the automation functionality.

There are 3rd-party monitoring companies that will take on automation panels, but they're few and far between because it's supposedly a higher liability, since you have the programming access to the panel, and could theoretically set it up insecurely, and then blame the monitoring company. The panels ADT and the like install can be locked down to such an extent that to 'unlock' the panel (i.e. if you want to switch monitoring), you typically throw away the main board and start again.


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