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ADT keypad display stays on when arm or disarmed only with C4?


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Have a question I been meaning to ask you guys for awhile.. My ADT keypad display back light for the text always stays on when every I arm or disarm the alarm system thought Control4 in anyway...

Before I had C4 setup in my house, I had ADT come out an upgrade the alarm system to the Vista-128BP, by doing that they also had to upgrade me to a new keypad that would work with the new board... The model of the keypad is ADT Safewatch Pro 3000.

I've never had any problems with the alarm system at all, If I arm or disarm the alarm at the ADT keypad the display back light will turn off after few seconds later, if I arm, or disarm using C4 at all then the keypad's back light where the text is, stays lite until it is armed or disarmed from the ADT keypad...

Any ideals on how to fix this?


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