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I spent lots of time with my dealer talking through the system, reviewing quotes, and then walking through it all again... and again... and again. If you have the right dealer they shouldn't need you to draw complex diagrams.

When it came to wireing my system I was more concerned about how the wires got TO the rack. I knew they would do a good job inside the rack. If you look back at some of my build posts you'll see how I chewed my dealer a new one for not running the wires the way I wanted them to the wireing closet.

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Here is my issue. My house is already built. All wire needs to be fished through the walls, attic, basement, etc. I'm installing all the wiring myself to save some cash. Just wanting to make sure all the wiring is in that needs to be in.

In summary I'm running 5wire mini coax, 4 cat 5e and 2 coax to every TV Location. Running 4wire 16ga speaker wire to all room volume controls with one cat5e. Only local source equipment is Dune player at Living room TV that I will feed back 5wire mini coax to the rack to share with all TV's. I wanted the ability to still use TV speakers and also play over whole house audio, thus I'm putting in Audio Splitters that run from all video sources to both the TV and Whole House Audio Matrix Amp. Will change over 2 of the lines in each run to Cat6.


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I agree that it is a good idea to discuss what wiring you will need with your dealer. I will tell you that what you are running is more than enough wire for most of what you will need now and in the near future.

Some things to consider

1. Leave extra wire length at both ends of your runs. A few extra feet should be good. You never know when you might need to move a wire or need a little extra length

2. You might consider 14 ga. wire for your speakers.

3. If you are using the C4 amp there is no need for local volume controls in the rooms unless you are sharing zones.

Good luck and welcome aboard.

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