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How to use IR codes with DriverWorks


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I want to write a simple IR driver with DriverWorks for a Non AV device but I am not familiar yet with Driverworks.

Can anyone provide me a .c4i template for this? I am trying to figure out how and where to declare the <irsection> in the .c4i file and how to use the C4:SendrIR command.

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What I am trying to do is to switch on/off a relay by IR. First I changed IR codes in the blind_ir.c4i file (default C4 driver) and tested the driver. Everything worked perfectly, I could swich on and off the relay with my C4 remote and even with my IPAD. Then in the same file I changed the following lines:

<driver>100021</driver> into <driver>DriverWorks</driver>


<control>blind_ir</control> into <control>lua_gen</control>

with these 2 changes my driver didn´t worked anymore. Can it be it has something to do with that the <id> in the <ircode> section is not valid anymore for the new proxybinding?







<pattern>0000 006c 0000 000b 000a 001f 000a 0046 000a 001e 000a 0047 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 0046 000a 001e 000a 01b0</pattern>

<altpattern />


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