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Looking for Control4 software and equipments


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I am looking for the following:

. 1 Control4 Composer

. 2 Home Theater Controllers

. 2 Amplifiers

. 5 Wi-Fi Mini Touch Screen 4"

I am a DIY type of individual and I don't like to depend on a dealer. Please email me if you have any of these for sale. Thanks.

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- Home Theater Controller - $599.00 each

- Multichannel Amplifier - $1995.00 each

- Wifi Mini Touch Screen - $799.00 each

- Control4 Composer Software - Priceless (sorry Charlie - no dealer can sell you this or even give it to you).

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Home edition will allow you to do simple programming within an existing installation, it will not allow you to add new equipment, or to do bindings / connections with an existing setup.

Home edition has not been released for the 1.3 version quite yet.


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