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Newbie Question about LED Colors


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I have a couple of outdoor wireless motion detectors that are set to Night Mode. When motion is detected (at night) my floodlights/porch lights turn on for 10 minutes and then turn off. There are 2 sets of flood/porch lights and they light up depending on which motion detector sensed motion.

Nearly every light/dimmer/2-button(dedicated to controlling lighting) is set as follows: LED 1 is Red and LED2 is off when light is on, LED1 is off and LED2 is Green when light is off.

For the lights that are activated with motion, they can also be turned on from various switches/2-buttons. No matter how the flood/porch lights are activated, the switches/2-buttons with which they can be controlled follow the lighting as indicated above.

Here's what I'd like to do: When activated by a motion detector, I want all of these switches/2-buttons to turn Orange instead of red (so I can know that motion was detected vs. someone in the house turning on those lights.

I know I can go in to the motion detectors and create a line of code that discretely tells each LED to turn orange and then to go back to off when the lights turn off....but I'm guessing that there must be a more elegant (efficient) way to achieve this result.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I do almost the same thing with motions here. What I did (there's more than one way to skin a alley cat) was create a VAR that would stay false if commanded by a switch station and go true if triggered by motion. Under the two conditions I set both sets of colors for both conditions with a STOP command in between conditions. There is a slight LED "black-state" before the switchover of LED colors. I wish that were'nt hapeneing but it's not that important to me I guess.

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