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Turn off zone from 7" TP affects what room variable?


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I have a 6-button keypad programmed to turn on/off music in a room. It also turns the LED red when the room is on and blue when the room is off.

But that only works if I use the button. If I turn off that room using an SR-250 or if I remove (power-off) that room's zone using the touch panel's zone display, the LED stays on. I tried testing/setting a few variables without success. The LED is controlled by the room's POWER_STATE in the programming -- but it isn't, really. Or else POWER_STATE isn't affected by turning off the room with an SR-250 and not via the zone display on the touchpanel.

Does anyone know how to do that?

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I use ROOM_OFF to manipulate the LED color. It works, why wouldn't it?

That's kinda my question....:)

My original description of what I'm doing is here: http://c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?id=7607

I have another keypad doing something similar and it works when turning the room off from SR-250. Difference is there I set the LED "current color to..." whereas on the problem one, I set the LED "off" and that doesn't change the color. I guess one answer is to change it match the other one "set current color...".

However, what do you mean by "ROOM_OFF"? I find an event for the room called "Power Off"; there is a variable called "POWER_STATE"; there is a variable called "ROOMOFF_IS_LINKED"; and there is a room command event called "Power" (2 of them, actually). Do you mean one of those?

And what does pressing the on/off icon in the zone display of the touch panel do? It clearly turns off the audio; is it the same as "Room Off" from the SR-250?

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Look at screenshot. The Theater script works, the Living script does not. So something different about the button configuration?

Edit: Scratch that...my mistake....controlling two rooms with the 6-button keypad and was changing the programming on one room while turning on/off the other. Pretty stupid of me. It works now that I set the current color.

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