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Identifying dimmers and switches - DIY


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I'm just going through the process of building a house, and have decided to use Control4 throughout for audio and video distribution, as well as lighting control.

I have purchased much of the equipment needed via online sites such as this forum and eBay.

I have 30 dimmers and 10 switches that need to be identified, added to the project, and then upgraded as they are all from different systems and on different versions.

I know I need a dealer for most of the work, and have interviewed several, and chosen one. However, much of the up front work is just plain old boring firmware flashing. Something that I'd like to do myself, and the let the dealer do the difficult and valuable part of building the project.

Is there any way that I can do the grunt work first? Any way I can flash the devices to the latest ( licensed ) version?

Paying an hourly rate ( which isn't cheap ) to sit and watch a progress bar on 40 devices ( on average 5 minutes per ) is to me, a waste of valuable dealer time.

Don't get me wrong - I understand the dealers value. I understand the model that I am accepting when choosing control4. I want to have a good working relationship with my dealer, and am willing to pay for value received. I just don't want to pay for menial tasks that I should be able to do myself.

So, i guess my question is: can I flash the switches and dimmers without the use of composer pro?



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