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ExtraVegetables brings support of 500+ IP cameras to C4

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Tired of being stuck with choosing from Panasonic, Axis, or Mobotix? Have some IP cameras already that you wish you were able to see from Control4?

ExtraVegetables hears you - and have come up with a solution using a Mac computer and Security Spy software.

The integration of IP CCTV cameras into Control4 is one of the most common requests we get. Whilst Control4 is compatible directly with a range of CCTV cameras, dealers and customers have been asking for a wider choice. Not all IP cameras can be directly integrated with Control4 so an alternative solution needed to be found.

The SecuritySpy Mac based DVR software solution is the gateway to the support of over 500 IP cameras within Control4. Not only will it provide your customers with the ability to view cameras on their Control4 interfaces, it also provides full security DVR facilities as well. All for a similar price to the Control4 supported 4 camera analog to IP convertor.

Within Control4 each camera appears as any other IP camera. Still images appear on the grid view with moving images on each individual camera.

•Hundreds of IP Cameras Supported

The SecuritySpy software is able to convert the video images from literally hundreds of IP cameras into a format that is compatible with Control4. This enables a wide range of camera types and styles to be used with Control4. Static and PTZ cameras can be integrated. For a full list of supported cameras click here.


You can even view the cameras through 4Sight.

•Versions for 1, 4, 8, 16 or unlimited cameras.

Customers can upgrade their license at any time to enable more cameras. This is a software license only - you must supply the Mac computer. For 1-8 cameras a Mac Mini is adequate. To calculate the power of the Mac required click here


The pricing is competitive too, at MSRP for THE SOFTWARE ONLY TO RUN ON THE MAC:

[$49.64] SecuritySpy - 1 camera

[$124.12] SecuritySpy - 4 cameras

[$248.24] SecuritySpy - 8 cameras

[$496.48] SecuritySpy - 16 cameras

[$828.58] SecuritySpy - unlimited cameras

For example, a 4 channel DVR solution including a Mac Mini comes to about $824 plus installation and taxes. Your installation costs may vary! If you already have a compatible Mac, you just need the software and the installation by your dealer.

•Full DVR with recording facilities.

This solution provides full DVR recording facilities - it is not just a way of enabling the cameras within Control4. Your customer has the benefit of a fully digital DVR based on reliable Mac technology for less than the price of a 4 camera analog to IP converter.

•Motion Detection Recording.

Like a top end DVR the software enables recording based on motion detected within the frame.

•30 Day Trial Available

You can download a 30 day trial of the software from the Ben Software website. You will need to also download the Control4 SecuritySpy drivers. If you do not have these please contact your dealer.


There are currently the following limitations with the driver:

•Control4 1.8 and 2.0 Only

This driver is only designed and tested with Control4 2.0. We understand that it can also be used with Control4 1.8. It cannot be used with earlier versions of the Control4 operating system.

•Mac Computer MUST be running SecuritySpy

The cameras are only visible on the Control4 interfaces when the Mac computer is switched on and the SecuritySpy software is running.


The following are required for successful deployment of the driver.

•'HC' Class Controller

We do not recommend using this driver with older Media Controllers or Home Theater Controllers. They may work but the operation may be slow.

•Control4 2.0 + HC 1000 Controller for larger systems

The introduction of any two-way driver into a project adds to the processor load. In line with Control4's recommendations we suggest that an HC1000 is used for systems of more than three rooms.

•SecuritySpy software running on a Mac


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. Although the development was encouraged by Ben Software all support queries for the driver should be directed to Extra Vegetables.

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I give the Driver 4/5.0 stars.

There were a few areas in the software that needed to be fixed ("simply Uppercases used instead of lowercases" -dealer), but otherwise it works flawlessly with my newly upgraded 1.8 --> 2.0 system. Live motion capture feature is great. Integrated all of my camera's, even a panasonic analog server base. Easy to setup and operate within Mac OSX.

Additionally, I have a based model Mac Mini (8GB of Memory though), and the unit can play 1080p content, run the server software, and write to disk when motion is detected...without a hiccup in performance (jitter in picture, etc.).

Highly recommend this system if you are looking for a camera server solution and a mac household.

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I've used security spy. Very versatile program. For those with multiple different cameras, including older analog ones which you can run into a video server like the Express6, this will be a great solution to getting these images up into C4. Looks like another EV driver to add to my 'collection' :)

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I don't know much about the Axis servers.

I am running my Mini as an XBMC box so it made sense to load the security spy software on there as well. If you have to buy a mac box to do this, might be worth another option. However, ebaying a mac mini for cheap might make it more cost effective.

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I have installed Security Spy on a mac mini and am having trouble configuring Composer to see Security Spy. The firewall is configured correctly on the Mac. What I am having problems with is the log in information from Composer to the Mac. If you have any experience with this, please let me know.

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