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IR Codes for Media Controller


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OK, not to be a pain, but maybe you can help me out....

I'm actually trying to setup my existing Russound CAV UnoS2 keypads for transport controls on the C4 MC......SO I don't have a pronto, or even a remote that I can use software to program in the codes....

So here's what I'm trying to do....I created a temporary custom driver in the Driver wizard, and entered the codes manually from the XML file....All seems OK, and now to test I am emitting them out to a blaster that's connected to the front of the MC...I get no response from any code ...I've tried the 0 mask, and also a 1 mask with a test room that has the mask set to 1....I've tried various commands, and no joy......

Any suggestions? I've connected the test room to the IR Front in Composer as well...

Thanks, Dave

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