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Zigbee / Zigbee Pro compatibility


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From my quick reading of the Zigbee Pro spec, the spec seems to provide that zigbee devices can still operate in a zigbee pro network.

Is this true in the case of Control4? Everything I've read indicates that all Control4 products must be upgraded to 2.0/Zigbee Pro in order to work with OS2.0. What about 3rd party devices? I suspect not.

I'm interested in several third party devices but many are not upgradeable to Zigbee Pro. Even if they were, I wonder how well they would work. Does C4 require certain implementations of the stack, require a 3rd party device to be "certified", etc?

Still learning, thank you.

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Prior to ZigBee Pro, Control4 devices were on something called 'embernet', which was not a standards-based solution, other than the radio. Control4 ran their own protocols over the embernet mesh network.

Control4's ZigBee Pro network does *not* support non-pro devices.

Control4's ZigBee Pro network is an HA (Home Automation) profile network, and only HA profile Pro devices are supported.


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I've seen some items on ebay that were listed as not zigbee pro. I just wanted to know if they could work in a control4 system because zigbee pro allows zigbee and zigbee pro devices to interoperate.

Ryan's answer tells me the answer is no, which is fine. I'll just have to look for zigbee pro ccontrol4 compatible devices.


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