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Theme Designer and UI Changes


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Hopefully this doesn't get taken the wrong way....

The #1 problem that people have in my book is that they misinterpret what the Control 4 product is geared toward. In ever so humble opinion, YOU DON'T WANT TO CHANGE THE GUI!! on one level I agree with you, it would be better if we could customize it, but then you are right back on the slippery slope that every other automation/control system puts you on.. programming time, customizing time... confused clients, increased costs.. there are already products that fill that segment of the market.

Literally EVERY end user that has seen/used the navigator interface and system remote is in love with it because it is constant. I would defiantly like to tweak it for my own use, but being able to look at a client and say "no, we cant do that unless you spend $$$" is one of the greatest things about C4 in my experience, especially when they realize that the " babysitter test" actually does work.

Again, this is my opinion, not trying to get anyone riled up with my first post.....

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No offense taken, here's where I'm coming from:

So maybe it's not the "weakest point", but:

a. I agree 100% with the consistency, especially with consistent menu structure from remote, to MTS, to on screen, etc....

b. I'm not a dealer , I'm a DIY'er, and I totally understand the cost effectiveness of this vs the programming time in systems such as Crestron, etc., but I don't have to worry about my margins for me :) Like you said you'd like to tweak it for yourself :)

c. I guess that's why Theme's vs complete custom UI's make more sense to me.....and the ability to easily add Family name, Address or some sort of simple UI customization...etc.....That and the ability to add Icons the custom buttons would be nice....not necessarily an all out custom UI builder vs some colors and icons changes, etc...

I also think that even with the component out on the MC, the UI just looks sort of weak compared to other options, especially on a large plasma when you've watching high def. This could probably be actually cleaned up with higher rez menu's etc on the MC, some new snazzier themes from C4 or something.....

I may actually go and create my own theme....I know it can be done.....that's why I'm asking....to see if it's worth the time to reverse engineer the setup/graphics naming schema vs just waiting....


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