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Old Hardware Update with V2+


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So, I am still unclear about what can and can't be upgraded to version 2+. I am currently running v1.73.

I have:

- Numerous light switches/dimmers

- HC300-B

- Home Theater Controller AVM-HTC1-B

- Contact / Relay Extender CXM-RCR1 (just adding to system, will be upgrading to 1.8 if 2.0 won't work out)

- Some Mini Touch Screens

- Thermostat

I know most of the stuff will upgrade to v2, but will the home theater controller, Contact / Relay Extender, and mini touch screens upgrade if they are hard wired (ethernet) and not used as wireless.

Is there a list somewhere that shows each product and what version it works with?


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Of your list, the devices can *all* be upgraded to 2.0.

There are a few limitations.

Contact/Relay extenders must use *Ethernet* on 2.0.

Mini-touch screens will continue to use the 'legacy' interface (they don't get the Flash UI), but will continue to operate the system as they did previously.

The Home Theater controller cannot be the master in a 2.0 system, but you have an HC-300, which could be the master.

The one thing you haven't mentioned, that could possibly be an issue is if you had V2 remotes (not SR-250's). Those cannot be upgraded to 2.0.


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I have an HC300C on 2.0.6. I have an HC200 on 1.8.2? (pre-2.0 anyway) on the way. Can the HC200 be updated to 2.0.6 using the license I have for the HC300C? Or would the HC200 require its own license and license fee even if used in my existing project?

The one local dealer I asked about this thought the HC300C could update the HC200 to 2.0, but I wonder if that is indeed true or as is often said around here, if I need to find another dealer.

Thank you.

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