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NTV550 Beta Firmware Discrete Codes


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2011.02.25 -- v3.0.308

Release Notes

* Media playback and compatibility

o Fixed TS streams (recorded TV) not detected or playing

o Fixed TrueHD stuttering and audio dropouts in MKV

o Fixed TrueHD negotiation over HDMI intermittently causing no audio

o Fixed HD audio downsampling not downsampling from all channels

o Added .DTS and .MLP audio types

o Fixed audio stutter or dropouts due to media scanning in background

o Fixed Dolby Digital Plus detection

o Partially fixed 1080p24 microstutter every 42 seconds (fix is for BD media


o Fixed H.264 profile 4.2 MOV files not playing

* DVD bug fixes

o Fixed DVD subtitle palette not getting set in some cases

* USB support

o Fixed intermittent crash on startup when USB, eSATA or SD card is plugged in


o Added GUI font setting: Latin, Cyrillic and Universal fonts

* Miscellaneous

o Added support for TCP remote control

o Added discrete power on/off codes

* Bug fixes

o Fixed slow YouTube connection

o Fixed intermittent crash decoding JPEG

o Fixed Web interface UTF8 conversion


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