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Probably simple question...but here it goes.


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I have a matrix switch and would appreciate some input as follows:

Say I am watching a DVD for example and when I am done watching (or even while playing it), I decide I want to watch TV instead. If I select watch TV using remote and it come on...does the DVD turns power off automatically or do I need to do that before turning over to watch the TV?

I am just trying to avoid turning the TV or projector off if I enter "Room Off" on the remote and then turning the TV back on. I understand that once I do Room off at the end of the day sort of speak everything in there will turn off. I am aware that I can specifically turn the source off with the remote without having the entire room off but I wonder if things will get out of sync if I do that.

I suspect this is something that can be done in HE but if you have multiple sources my guess is that it might be a bit convoluted.

Not a huge issue...just wondering how C4 handles this and what most people do.


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It works as you have imagined.

It will turn off *all* devices on a Room Off, but does not turn off devices you've watched if you switch to different sources.

Part of the reason you may not want to do that programmatically is that, for example, if you were watching a DVD, and someone else in the house decided to watch the same source through the matrix switch, you wouldn't know that, and could turn it off for them as well.

Most people deal with this by ignoring the fact that the sources stay on until the Room Off happens. i.e. by doing nothing.


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