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Sony Internet TV (with Google TV)


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The Sony store in my area was closing and I got one of the Internet TVs for 30% off. I put it in my kitchen. So far I like what Google TV has to offer with all of the network-enabled features.

Anyone else use one of these yet? It isn't fully integrated in to C4 but now I have Netflix and other apps in my Kitchen without using a spot on my HDMI matrix. I can control my STB and DVD player in the rack with IR out from the TV.


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My wife and I picked up a 40 inch for our bedroom, and a few months later we picked up the 24 inch for our kitchen. This evening, we are headed to Best Buy to get the Sony NSZGT1 (Google TV Blu-Ray player). Best Buy is moving these out at $179.99. Can you say screeming deal???

As you can see, we are sold on this technology.


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