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C4 product history... What replaced what?


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I would like to know of Control4 product history of each unit and what replaced it, or if it's been discontinued...

Is there some what like a chart, any where that list what model was the first controller and what replaced it and why.... What was that product limitation, was it hardware or software?

Something also so like, if the first controller is fully functional up to 1.7.4, but wifi and ? is nonfunctional with the upgrade to 1.8 or higher...

If there is no real list, would some one like to make one?

Even if you only know the history of maybe just a controller, handheld remote, or all touch screen models... Just list it here.


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Lot of times when I use the search button up top... To look for issue I might be having, it will take me to posts were people are using something like the AVM-HTC-B?

Some people here has mention still using the Control4 AVM-MC1-B Media Controller, or the Control4 AVM-MC2-B... What the difference from the MC1 and MC2?

When I google so called product I get lots of (pdf files) adds talking about them, but no real history?

(Sorry if I got the model number wrong.. Just giving you an ideal.)

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