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Control Control4 via IR or IP?


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I'm toying with the idea of creating a simple widget for my computer that would allow some basic control of my most accessed Control4 functions (namely, a few regularly used lighting scenes). I think an "quick access" widget could be incredibly handy.... what I'm trying to figure out is if there's any simple way to interface a program like that with the Control4 system. I have an IR emitter for the computer, so I'm wondering if there's a Control4 driver (or built in function) out there that would allow me to receive IR commands and activate a scene, etc based on them? IP control is also an option, if there's a driver for that...

Is this concept realistic, or simply not something that can be easily accomplished? Thanks in advance for any advice...

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Control4's Navigators use a socket connection to Director to send commands, etc.

This protocol is not supported by Control4 other than for partners who have a need for it, but it would be ideal for the kind of control you're asking about.

There is some information about it online, from some who have reverse-engineered it somewhat. If you google 'c4soap', you may find some information regarding it.


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