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Looking at it another way ... (Serial Driver Support)


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what i REALLY wish for is, instead of us constantly begging C4 to add serial driver support to the thousands of products we want to integrate not from C4 ...

can we get C4 do give us a serial protocol to integrate THEIR stuff into other devices/systems. that is, i would like to be able to integrate, say, a home theater PC and use something like Cinemar Mainlobby to control the lighting from a touchscreen. sending a single or series serial command to the MC or HTC to dim 4 or 5 lights, switch inputs, adjust volume etc.

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The SOAP interface is fairly simple, but incomplete and has bugs. One can control devices remotely, if that is what you want, but event notification is flakey and in parts missing. I myself would rather use a normal scripting language such as Perl or the like, as I do now for home control, and so am waiting for the DDK to be released, along with anticipated fixes to the interface. Hopefully such a DDK would include documentation on programming the touchscreens so that one does not have to backwards engineer everything.

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sfleck, you can do what you are after already (although as always - it is a ugly kludge).

Add a security system - I use the Elk M1. Define a few dummy zones. Now you listen to these serial strings through Cinemar. When you want to trigger lighting through Control4 from Cinemar, just get it to send a serial string that imitates zone feedback and you can now program some events through Control4 appropriately.

The downside with this method is:

1) Can only trigger boolean type activities, yet those activities can contain multiple complex steps. You can get the light to ramp to 25%, 50% and 75% so long as you have 3 dedicated dummy zones within the security system programmed in to handle just these specific instances.

2) Feedback between the two systems can quickly break down depending on the programming and actions that you require.

3) You need to understand the RS232 protocol of the security system in question.

Does this help for the interim?

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