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Temp probe for grilling / smoking?? C4!


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APP guys!!! Here is a EASY money maker if you can make this!

LOTS of us guys LOVE to cook..........grill out........ !!

I own a Big Green Egg ( http://www.biggreenegg.com/ ) and cook on it every weekend! Lots of slow cooking! So here is my thoughts.........Make an app / thermo probe that will connect wireless to the C4 system to monitor temp of the grill and the meat probe! I WOULD BUY IT ALL DAY!! and I know lots of us guys would love it!

Having an iphone with C4 app and be able to monitor my grill from anywhere would be da BOMB!! :cool:

There are lots of wireless probes and thermos for cooking......BUT if you can integrate it with an app in C4! OMFG!!! :):cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

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You realize who you're talking to, right dogdvr?

ButtonPusher probably cooks his burgers on a big rock in his back yard, because that get's plenty hot...no need to burn charcoal/wood/propane/natural gas just to grill some beef. Any hot surface will do just fine.


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You don't just want to monitor the tempature, you wan't total control, like this


And Buttonpusher, you are wrong here. this is something that should be automated.


Right! BUT I want an app that talks to this and i can access within C4 with total control!!

Buttonpusher................I guess your a " hungry man " microwave cooker kinda guy? :D

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