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Integration with Insteon Light Switches


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I'm about to pull the trigger on a complete C4 system, but have already installed about $1K of Insteon keypad controllers and dimmer switches in our lower level, which will contain at HT. They work great, were 1/3 the cost of Lutron's RadioRA and SmartHome promises to release a RF and/or IR remote within a few months.

Is there a way to have C4 control Insteon switches via their wireless panel? While SmartHome advises that what I need is inthe works, I've not heard any progress in 4 months.

There are T/P software companies out on the market NOW who have developed programs to control Insteon switches wirelessly, but they are PC based and I'd rather go with C4, which does not require a Windows OS running in the background. phil

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Dan, Insteon plans to release a RF control for their keypad and dimmer controls. I've already invested quite a bit in them so I do not want to change them out, especially since they work great. Insteon uses powerline to send signals and its network gets stronger with more switches. I am concerned that C4 does not have a driver or plug-in for Insteon switches and not sure what it would take to create one. I assume that unless there is some IR way to conrol Insteon light switches, C4 will not be able to read them. However, if you look at the CInemar site, they've already created SW to control using a Windows OS. Phil

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