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3rd Party Dimmers/Switches Touch pads ?

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Clipsal CBUS, Dynalite, HPM iControl, Conson, Lutron & Vantage are the ones that i have used, tested or developed here in Australia. That pretty much covers the majority of lighting systems available.

However installing 3rd party lighting systems limits the number of Zigbee nodes on your network. This means that your SR-250 remotes have limited range.

An alternative to this is to utilise the Control4 International Inline Dimmer. This device has an aux switch which allows you to connect 3rd party 240v rated switches to it. A popular combination is to utilise the Clipsal 240v Satin with this device. It ends up becoming a bit more expensive but you do get a nice Zigbee mesh.

I hope this helps.

On another note if anyone is in Melbourne from the 28th April to the 1st May we are exhibiting at the HIA homeshow and are showcasing Control4 integration with Clipsal CBUS. That'll give you a good feed as to how well it integrates (we even have DLT's controlling Control4).

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Hi Alan, how are you? Good to see you active on the forums!

Do you have a C4 driver for the Legrand SCS Bus protocol? I know one from a dealer in Prague but is is not at a realistic price I do not believe.



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Good Bryce,

I do not have a driver for legrand. It is not a product we are looking at utilizing. Our company has decided to

Utilise control4 and Cbus as our lighting solutions.

If it is not a once off job for you it may be worth while for you to invest in development of the driver. We have done so on alot if products we use in everyday jobs. Spread the development costs over several jobs and the investment pays itself back quite quickly.

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Thanks Alan,

Just thought i would check prior to going down that track and duplicating.

Do you or your conpany list and sell drivers you have developed? Some may come in handy for the future if you do.

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Hi Bryce,

We do have drivers for sale however we arn't quite ready to release them yet (we've used them in jobs but need to polish up the documentation before they're ready to be sold to the worldwide dealer network).

Heres a rundown of what we've done these past few months.

PS Audio Powerplay 9000 - Power conditioner and controller. Allows control over individual outlets with voltage and current feedback to navigator

Screen Technics iReply - RS232 based blind system

Crestron - Control4 Driver & Crestron Module that allows you to utilise Crestron as a front end to Control4 via basic analog, digital and serial joins.

Pioneer VSX-LX53 - Receiver - Single zone operation with ipod and internet radio integration.

Marantz NA7004 - Network Audio Player - Allows IP based control AM, FM, Internet Radio and Digital Radio presets and favourites.

Boxee - Media Player - Allows IP based control over the Boxee Media Player with play file command.

Sharp LC-xxLE820X - RS232 control over the sharp quattron tv range with discrete volume control and channel control

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Hello - Please see www.pro.ambx.com for the amBIENT XC LED controller, it can even change light to video.

Please see what Extra Vegetables say - The amBX is the coolest lighting controller on the planet! It finally makes sense of color changing lighting in a room. It is so simple to set up and the effects will blow your mind.


Kevin Martin - amBX UK

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