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Double & Triple Taps on Keypads


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Ok Here goes...

Let's say there is a keypad button that when you tap once it executes Lighting Scene "All On"

Tap it twice it executes the Lighting Scene "Mellow"

First thing create a number variable. Lets call it "keypad_1_tap"

In programming mode select the keypad button you would like to use, and choose the each time this button is pressed option.

Set the programming to increment the variable keypad_1_tap = keypad_1_tap +1 (Basically add one to the variable keypad_1_tap)

Ok next part, In programming select the variable keypad_1_tap on the left, and choose that you would like to set the programming each time that variable changes.

Create the following programming steps.

Wait 2 Seconds

If Keypad_1_tap = 1

Execute "All On"

If Keypad_1_tap = 2

Execute "Mellow"

Keypad_1_tap = 0

That's it :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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