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ComposerME not displaying correctly on Windows 7 desktop


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I recently installed the HC300 controller and initially could see all of the MP3 info in the right side window on my Windows 7 desktop computer. However, now I can only see the left hand column listing the devices but no other additional windows can be seen.

On my Vista laptop and my older XP desktop I can see all of the windows correctly (left side is the device list, right side is the album list, and then the lower window is the album details window).

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared the registery, reset my display settings, tried enlarging/shrinking the window and I cannot get the album info to display.

Moreover, I do not see any of the ADD or SCAN button option of the top right toolbar.

Clicking on my different media devices (ie my Sony DVD changer) doesn't seem to do anything....

I am able to see the scan taking place on the bottom when a scan is in progress. (normally displays Director Status Idle)

I've attached a screen shot....

Anyone have any ideas on what to do to get this displaying properly? My installer has run out of ideas...

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Already read that thread (still not clear on that user's question....) but again I'm running Windows 7 so this fix/file is not something I have found on my system....

Where would the Application Data be found on Windows 7? I can't find it....

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