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Switch for Electric Hot water heater


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A few more details:



Four low-voltage “dry contact” support manual override controls with hard-wired dry contact switches, allowing manually control independent of the Control4 system.

The product consists of two, high-voltage, 100-240VAC 30 Amp independently configurable relays that can control the following types of loads in residential or commercial applications:


Resistive loads

Ballast type loads

The Heavy-Duty Power Controller also allows installers to setup up a stand-alone configuration that doesn’t require integration with a Control4 system.

The Heavy-Duty Power Controller is powered by one of two methods:

1.Connecting a 100-240VAC line power to the High Voltage terminals of the devices; or,

2.Connecting a 12VDC power supply to the + - power inputs of the Low Voltage terminal connector.

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