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Remote Integrator - Phase 1 of 2

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Just about to move into a new house, and have spent a large amount of time planning my c4 installation. We move in in two weeks, and sparky is in the process of energizing the lights and switches.

I'd like to have some one to work with, remotely, that will enroll the switches / keypads when sparky installs them. Phase 1 will be the lights, switches, dimmers and keypads and the timeline is this week.

Phase 2 will then be the audio / video / alarm system (will be starting in the next two weeks) but lights are the priority.

In the end, my project will have:

1x hc300b

1x hc300c

1x c4 4 zone amp

3x panasonic cameras (poe)

20x c4 dimmers

20x c4 switches

20x c4 2 button keypad ( 5 installed, 15 left to purchase )

2x c4 6 button keypad

2x c4 3 button keypad

4x c4 7" touch screens ( not ie )

1x c4 thermostat

1x doorbell wired to hc300 contact switch

1x ge concord alarm system with rs232 accessory panel

5x wireless door entries

15x wireless window contacts

2x wireless smoke detectors

2x wireless glass breaks

1x wireless carbon monoxide detector

1x water sensor wired to alarm panel

1x hd pvr ( still haven't decided which )

2x apple tv ( 1 v1 and 1 v2 )

1x sharp aquos LCD with Ethernet control

2x sharp aquos LCD with ir control

1x audio authority Ava matrix 6 zone video distribution

3x Ava matrix Ethernet attached extenders

2x iPads and

2x iPhones for control in addition to the touch panels.

Most equipment is already Onsite but not installed. I still need to purchase some of the 2 button keypads for the non load end of a 3 way switch. I believe I'm going to need 10-15 of them. I will also need the rack mounts for the hc300s and the c4 audio box and the iPad home license.

All cables are home run to the basement to a 19" rack ( full height datacenter rack ). Cables are cat5e and cat6 for the video endpoints. Poe switches are cisco. Network router is a cisco Asa with VPN support for remote access.

I think I'm leaning towards an hourly rate. Though would accept fixed firm price for The Phase 1 installation/enrollment/configuration/binding. Please respond via email with any questions and I'll do my best to sort them out so you can put together an informed estimate.



PS: I have reached out to some of you directly based on referrals / suggestions of the different threads on this forum. Thanks for your responses.

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I've thought about that too, but was going to see how it goes with the two 300s first. I've left money in the budget to spring for a 1000 if performance is not quite where I'd like it to be.

But, to appreciate the 1000, I think I need to see the before and after.



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But, to appreciate the 1000, I think I need to see the before and after.

IMHO you do not. You will be sorry you did not put the HC-1000 in.

So thing you don't necessarily need to experience to know they are bad.

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You WILL need a HC1000. You have already exceeded the maximum number of zigbee nodes per zap so you will need to utilise your second controller as a zap as well. This means more processing for the main controller. That plus the security system, number of navigators and number of zones puts you way over.

Given the size of the system it will be hard for a person to remotely integrate your system. I generally only recommend remote programming for minor changes that does not require onsite verification.

I would recommend finding a good dealer who can work with you on a per hour basis onsite. As you have done alot of the work it should not cost that much more as its just programming in theory (if you've done the setup side correctly).

If you do this right then they should be able to knock this whole project back quite quickly.

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