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Have sonos? Have the EV driver? Love Pandora? This app is for you.

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The Extra Vegetables Pandonos app brings full control of the PANDORA music service on Sonos to your Control4 system. You can now easily manage your PANDORA account via Control4 and search and add new stations directly from your touch screen or OSD. The app shows all your PANDORA stations for quick and easy access. Not only do you get the details of the station and track currently playing on the Sonos ZonePlayer, you also get the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and Im Bored keys! Adding a new station is simple just type the artist name and the app will search PANDORA for matches. Pressing and holding a station name will enable you to edit the name or delete it from your library.This App requires the latest version of the Extra Vegetables Sonos driver and a Sonos ZonePlayer . The app will check for if your driver requires updating by your dealer.Please note this App is not an official PANDORA or Sonos release.

The app is $25 - if you have the Sonos driver from ExtraVegetables, your dealer simply needs to update you to the latest version of the driver. If you don't have the driver, you should check it out!



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Any idea of what the cost of the driver is?

About the same cost as a sonos handheld controller plus installation.

I wonder - What's the reason for not being clear and honest about pricing? Is it so you can reserve the ability to rip off consumers as much as possible? This whole hidden pricing scheme is a huge turn-off for me. I won't buy anything that doesn't have a known price tag associated with it. It's a lot easier just to be honest about the price up front instead of beating around the bush.

I came up with a price for those that are interested.

'Oh it's about the price of a hand-held controller plus installation'

Judging from this site' date=' the hand-held controller is $350.


The plus installation part is the real unknown and I'm sure the fee varies greatly among dealers. The bottom line is they will charge whatever you are willing to pay. We all know this is a ten minute job, maybe twenty minutes max. So I'm pulling a number out of thin air like a dealer would - $200.

So there you have it $350 driver + $200 installation + $25 app. $575 for something you're better off controlling with your Iphone for free.

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Thanks to anonymous for sending me an email. According to him or her, the dealer price for the driver is $175.

Of course, dealers want you to think the driver is $350 so they can rip you off for an easy $175 and another $200 for a twenty minute install job.

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