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Need help with simple scene programming

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I have ComposerHE 2.0.6 and have a recently installed control 4 system at my home. I am trying to set up some basic lighting scenes to come on in the mornings. I have already created my scenes under the "Agents" tab. I have all my Loads that I want at the correct levels, etc. All my scenes have been synced.

I have also created the schedules that I want the scenes to come on and off under the "Scheduler" tab.

I have updated all my devices.

However, none of my scenes are working as scheduled. The scenes will come on when they are activated manually on my touchscreen or other device by me, but they are not coming on automatically in the mornings.

Do my scenes have to be linked to my schedules somehow? How can I get my scenes to come on when I want them to?

Thanks in advance, my dealer is less than responsive to help me.

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Under the programing tab on the top left select scheduler, and down below pick the time. Then on the right side pick your scene, and drag the programing in to the middle.

That's a brief, not at all in depth explanation, but hopefully it helps. I can post more detail when I have more time if that isn't enough.

Edit: typo.

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