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LDZ-101-x Dimmers

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I bought LDZ-101-x dimmers from a friend, but do not have them in hand yet. I was wondering if these models were 120V or 240 volt? Is it possible to tell just from that model number?

If they are 240V, will they work to replace a 120V regular in wall dimmer?


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Both 110v and 240v have the same model number. The 240v version will have the following wiring colours. Brown, Blue and Green/Yellow.

110v colours will be Black, White and Green/Yellow.

Also can't you tell what voltage it is based upon where your friend lives? If he's around the corner i'm sure he's the same voltage as you are... unless he's done something crazy like use a step up/down converter.

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We have Zigbee switch compatible with Control4 for 220-240V


Our standard warranty is 5 years all faulty devices during warranty we will replace with new one.

Welcome to get sample from us to see the Product, Quality, Reliability and Service etc

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