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Media Edition "director not responding"


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I'm having a problem with media edition. It loads fine. it shows my DVD library fine, and lets me manage it. On my CDs, however, I get a "director not responding" error when I try to load up the list of CDs.

It started happening a few days ago, after I tried to add another 30 or 40 CDs to the machine.

Any thoughts?

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I ripped them to mp3 from my PC, then transferred them to the control 4 via my network.

Little more information:

- For the last 3 months, I've been unable to backup my media using the media edition. On "step 3" it fails.

- This problem with my director not responding happened once before. I *think* my dealer deleted the mm.db file, because I had to reload everything via "scan".


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Yes, sorry, to clarify it's under (or not under right now) the "Media Controller" section in Stored Media.

Here is what I can piece together. I had about 2,000 songs stored in the media controller, no problems. Last week, I copied about 350 MP3 files over that I'd ripped at 192 and 256 on my PC. I used the media edition to scan them.

About 1/2 through, I got a "director not responding" error. Now, I can't use the media edition to look at either the dvd's in the "disc changer" or the CD files on the media controller.

I can look at both on the media controller itself, though none of the 350 new mp3 files are there. If I reboot the mc using the reset pin on the front of the unit, nothing changes.

Dan, thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it. If I can't figure it out, I'll go back to my installer of course, I was just hoping this was one of those "ah, there must be a bad file in the ... ... .. directory" kind of things :)

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This turned out to be a problem with my mp3 files. I'd run one of those mp3 tagging tools to "sync up" all the tags to be more filled out. Apparantly, something in that process created mp3 files that the mc couldn't work with. When it hit them, it just corrupted the db and failed to move on. I reloaded the mc with the un-adjusted mp3 files and all is well.

Thanks for the help.

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