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I have had my DSC alarm controlled by c4 for greater than a year now without any issues. It stopped working last night. Can anyone help me troubleshoot?

1. The alarm works fine at the wired control panels.

2. The IT 100 flashes a steady green light (according to user manual that means functioning normally)

When I go to the c4 screen, hit House, dsc alarm, and try to alarm house, nothing happens...

Its like c4 is not communicating with the IT-100 panel.

I am on 1.8.2.

The only recent changes I made, was to add a 10.5" touchscreen to my project.

Bindings have not changed, cables are appropriately connected.

Thanks in advance for any troubleshooting assistance....

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My DSC system quits communicating with C4 everytime my system reboots. My dealer had to delete the binding and then re add it to get it working. Now that isnt working anymore. I think I am going to switch to a Concord4 GE alarm. The alarm/C4 integration is one of the top things I love about my system and I need the two to communicate and work properly.

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I find every 2 months or so this happens to my system. I only have to reboot the alarm to restore connectivity (not my C4 controller). However, when rebooting the alarm don't forget to disconnect the backup battery also.

So far, I have rebooted all controllers and have "rebooted" my dsc alarm.

No luck so far....when select anything on the c4 gui under dsc alarm, nothing happens.....

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Thanks to all for suggestions.

For those of you interested or that may have had a similar issue....I have been able to resolve my issue of no response using the c4 interface by purchasing a new DSC IT-100 control module.

As soon as I replaced the module, the security system started to function normally again.

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