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C4 light switches in low temps/schedules


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I'm considering adding some C4 light switches to my current system which is currently used primarily for streaming my music and controlling several audio zones.

I have the HC1000, HC200 in one room, HC300 in another room running 2.1 software.

My questions:

1) about adding C4 light switches in our outside gazebo which is not heated in Minnesota. Can these light switches stand up to Minnesota temperatures which range from -10F in the winter to 90+F in the summer in the gazebo?

2) how easy is it to program a timer for C4 light switches so that schedule can be activated by a touch of a button on an SR250 remote for a vacation schedule for example? I don't have Composer HE yet so have no experience with it. (ie can say the green button activate a timer schedule when you are going to be away for 3 nights for example)

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1) I have a dimmer that's been outside in Utah for 5 years. Rain, Snow, Sun, etc. have been no problem, and although our temps probably aren't quite as cold as Minnesota, it's plenty cold.

2) It's pretty straightforward programming. I'd make a ComposerPro variable, called 'Vacation', and then scheduled items for the lights I want, and in the script for the Scheduled items, I'd only execute them if the 'Vaction' variable were set to 'true'. Then have the green button toggle Vacation, and give some indication of it's state (maybe an announcement).

Good luck with your project.


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