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More than one Controller


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No they have to be separate... you can't have two controllers running director on the same system.. They can be on the same network but not in the same system.

If you want to use two controllers on the same system one is a "master" the others are "slaves"

What are you trying to accomplish?

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What Dan was trying to explain is that even if you have multiple controllers in the system, only one of them is the 'master' controller. You can have as many controllers as you need, each one providing it's own UI to an attached TV/LCD/Projector, as well as providing serial ports / IR / etc...

Your dealer would just disable the director running on the controllers that are not being used as the master. He is calling those 'slave' controllers.

You also said 'from the same navigator'... that doesn't really compute.

Navigator is the UI portion of the system. There is a navigator that runs on the controller, providing the UI for on-screen devices as we described above. There are also navigators running on the mini-touch and 10.5" touchpanels. That's the UI. You can certainly have multiple navigators running in the system.

If each room had a controller, providing a UI to each TV, you would have a remote for each room, but yes, if you were to take one remote to the other room, you can 'change rooms' on the remote, and use it to control the other room.



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