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7" touch screen re-calibrate


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I have a 7" portable touch screen running version that is out of alignment really bad and needs to be recalibrated. How do I do that? (HS200 is running same version)

Tried rebooting + touching screen continually , but it just booted normally

Tried rebooting and holding butons ** and ***, but it just booted normally

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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“How do I…” re-calibrate my touch-screens?



– December 9, 2009Posted in: How do I...

Sometimes you may need to re-calibrate your touchscreen. It’s pretty simple to do. Unfortunately, we do not have any information at this time in regards to performing the calibration on a 10.5″ that can be done without a dealer’s assistance, but we will update this post should we find a way.

7″ Portable


•Hold the standby button down until you get the calibration screen

– approximately 1 minute 25 seconds.

7″ In-wall & Tabletop

Hold button 2 & 3 (the two center buttons on either side of the ”Control4″ wording) down.

It will go to a Message for the Network reset. and tell you to release the buttons. Do not release the buttons.

It will then show a message that it is resuming currant network settings.

Release the buttons at this point.

Tip: When touching the center cross hair please allow 30-45 seconds before you see the actual GUI interface only apply one touch to the center cross hair. Do not continue tapping the center button!

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