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Denon AVR 2312CI


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I am trying to use the C4 Certified IP driver for the new Denon AVR2312CI Receiver. I have followed the instructions by:

1. Setting HDCP to off

2. Setting Standby to on

3. Static Ip address on router.

4. HDMI control off

The behavior that I am seeing is that the driver works great for a while. Then after leaving the unit off for several hours, the ethernet connection seems to "lock up" or go to sleep. The unit fails to respond to the c4 remote. I then unplug the ethernet cable from the back of the Denon and plug back in, and it starts working perfectly.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?????

I originally had the Denon ehternet connection plugged into a switch. I experienced the above problem and thought there might be an issue with the switch, so I then connected the Denon directly into my router which did not correct the problem.

I performed a "microprocessor reset" as per the manual to see if that would help. So far it has functioned properly but has only been a few hours!

I would appreciate any thoughts!!!

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Yes. I have upgraded to the latest firmware.

After doing a "microprocessor" reset, I am sorry to say that after about 8 hours, the Denon lost the ethernet connection again.

Quite frustrating...

I am thinking of changing to an IR driver. Can anyone recommend an acceptable IR driver for this unit. The only ones I see are either serial or IP based.

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ok, so anoter question regarding serial then....

is anyone aware if serial can be effectively transmitted approximately 125 feet via a cat6 ethernet??

(My controller is in a closet under a staircase, and the Denon is in media room.)

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Ringold... I have the AVR3312 and it was originally set-up with the serial driver but had it switched to IP (needed the serial port for something else).

Like yours, the AVR3312 is connected to a switch (Linksys) and then the router (Apple AE) with an assigned "DHCP reservation" for the receiver. There were a few problems (like you've described) when originally set-up, but then changed the Denon Network settings back to DHCP and haven't had a problem since.

How do you have your Denon Network Settings configured?

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  • 11 months later...

THe above issues were resolved for me by switching to a serial driver.

I have noticed two addtiional issues with the Denon since i have had it and am wondering if anyone else has had these same problems:

1. I have a component hd matrix which is one source plugged into the Denon. I then have the output as HDMI into my projector. I have 3d bluray and direct tv (3d dedicated) as hdmi inputs into the Denon as well. I have noticed at random times, when switching inputs from the HDMI input to the component (video matrix input) that the video output is just a blank screen. I then power cycle the Denon and the video functions normally. Its like the video upconversion doesn't always work on the Denon and requires a power cycle to work itself out. Is anybody else experiencing this issue? (It only happens about once or twice a month.)

2. On some channels on direct tv (not all) , the speech is out of sync slightly with the picture.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced these issues....

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