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Doorbell, relays and sensors


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Good morning fellow home automation enthusiasts,;)

I am new to the whole home automation concept, I recently took the C4 tech I training in Utah and I absolutely loved it. I had a couple of questions regarding relays and sensors that were beyond the scope of the class.

1) how do you wire a doorbell into the system and does it have to be a specific model.

2) how do you wire contacts and sensors and relays.

thanks, any help appreciated....

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I just wired the doorbell to a contact input on my Media Controller . Then I play a media file (mp3) when the door bell is pushed....small delay for the startup of the media but acceptable..I also flash the lights in the kitchen and master..

I didn't bother connecting the chime to a relay, but don't know why you couldn't....

For some fun:

I play the Purdue fights songs on football Saturdays :)

and a scary halloween doorbell around Halloween :)


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You would not need the ELK product if you were hooking a (non-lighted) doorbell directly to the Control4 system.

However, for a lighted doorbell, and / or one that you want to keep connected to the door chime, the ELK product should work fine.


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