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Many of you have hopefully noticed the "CC - Some rights reserved" logo in the bottom right of c4forums.com. It is important to point your attention towards this logo, and explain what it means to us. c4forums.com chose this license for all work located here because we are dedicated to offering free advice between informed users. That means we are "for" community, spreading knowledge, lessons learned, avoiding hardships, all without concern for who will receive monetary benefit. We've created these forums for everyone with interest in bettering the user experience with Control4 equipment.

Basically, any work or advice offered on this forum is free and always will be. We have learned a tremendous amount through many free (as in beer) services, and we want it to be known that only attribution for other's good work is all that is necessary here as payment.

With that said, keep spreading your knowledge, questions, concerns, work, pictures, downloads, etc with c4forums.com and we'll make sure it remains open and free.

Should you like to read the details of c4forums.com's license, please proceed to the following URL:


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