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Offload ZAP to AVM-HTC1-B worth the effort?


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Still in my budget design phase. I have wired and functioning,

(7) Dimmers

(4) Switches

(2) 2-Button Keypads

(2) 6-Button Keypads

(1) 3-Button Keypad

I'm thinking my AVM-HTC1-B can handle ZAP and relays which would allow my HC-300 to concentrate on navigation for attached AV equiment. I could offload some relay/doorbell events thru an ELK 930, and integration with my Vista 15P (4232 CBM attached) thru the serial port of the HTC. I'm going to add 10 more lighting devices and a garage door contact/relay. The HTC1 can handle that fine? Offloading this small amount of lighting and relay control worth the effort?

In my thought process, any amount I could releave from the HC-300 would be a positive step especially since I have the HTC1 sitting there gathering dust. Why bog the HC-300 or even an additional HC-200 down with relay control, ZAP, and take up a serial port I need elsewhere? Otherwise, I just use it as a relay extender....right?

Your thoughts?

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RyanE - you are correct. (1) Serial, (1) Relay, (1) Contact.....are you saying it doesn't do well as relay extender because of function or because of limited input(s)?

My plan would be this:

Serial - 4232 CBM on Vista 15P

Relay - Elk 930 Door bell (SIG - GND)

Contact - Garage Door (COM -NC)

ZAP Coordinator

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Good deal... This is going to allow me to move the HTC1 away from the equipment rack and mount closer to garage, doorbell, and alarm panel. I know (from studying) ZAP only uses about 10% of the processing power of an HC-300, but it looks like I'm gonna need that 10% for controlling:

Key Digital HDMI switch (serial)

2 LCD's TV (ir)

1 LED TV (ir)

1 Plasma (ir)

1 Yamaha RX-A800 (serial)

1 Russound CAS44 (serial)

1 XBMC (network)

Thanks for your input!

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Well now, that makes sense! I have not read that anywhere tho... legacy hardware does have some uses! Glad I didn't just run it on eBay...


Media Center = Relay extender (6 relay, 6 contact, 4 serial, 8 ir)

Media Player = not useful...

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