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WTB Old HTC and V1/V2 Remotes


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any old HTC's collecting dust that they would part with for a good price.. same goes for some old v1/v2 remotes...

I have some new rooms that could use some c4 love but the budget is tight so hopeing to do it fairly cheap..

Let me know what you got and how much..

Also I am in canada.. but of course I'd cover all the shipping... Just the standard disclaimer i know some people won't ship here and i hate having a deal and then having it fall through :(

Lemme know what you got!

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I sent an email also....

Ill just post it then.

I have an older HTC with 2 remotes...

Hard drives was replaced by Control4 as of last year. Couldnt update past 1.25-1.3 OS

1.7 operating system installed now.

Best offer plus shipping...

Controller plus 2 remotes....


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