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Media PC and control4?


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I found this response on another board as a solution to play lossless audio files:

"Simply use a PC as a "source" into a Control4 Multi room amp or speaker point. Ditch the Media Controller in favor of the cheaper Home Theater Controller, no need for an over priced 80 gig drive. Simply use a network mounted drive or NAS. Now use RUDIO or Netremote to control the PC for audio selection and playlist creation."

My question is, if I went this route would there be any way for audio selection via the control4 touch pads or control4 on-screen menus?



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I have a similar question. But instead of using a "Media PC", I have a Windows Home Server set up as my music server. Currently the music goes through a Squeezebox over Ethernet to my audio system, but I'd like to ditch the Squeezebox and go directly from the server through the HC-300 so that I can control the music via Control4. Is this possible? What's missing from this scenario to make it work?

I know I'll need speaker points in the listening locations and those can be easily added. I have about 300GB of music so none of the controllers with storage can handle the music collection. And since I already have the server, storage on the controller seems redundant anyway.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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If I understand correctly, you are not looking for lossless playback, mp3 is fine, am I right?

If so, it's quite simple: you need to configure a network storage connection to your homeserver. Your dealer can help you do this (don't think Composer HE lets you do that).


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