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  2. The main breaker blew at our house today (construction workers). None of lights would turn on after the breaker was reset. I went to the Dimmer control box and turned all the channels off then on but now the switches do not work and the lights can only be turned on or off by the channel button. I also don't remember which channels were used or not for each switch. This I can solve by trial and error as I do not have a map/schmatic (is there a was to do this other than trial or error/process of elimination?) Regardless when I turn a channel on I can't get the switch to control the zone - help. Mr Amature.
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  4. I figured it out.. had to drop down to week then it gave me the options..
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  6. Hey guys we haven't tried in awhile... Need to revisit. Been busy implementing killer C4 systems sorry! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  7. So I am trying to set a when and where, but want to set it up for M-F at specific times. I don't have a selection for which day of the week to pick but when friend has it on his computer.. why won't it show up on mine. Just under the Until.. there is a Sun - Sat feature, but I don't have it on my screen. anyone else have this issue
  8. I'm near Toronto. I've helped out some people in your time zone.
  9. So the contact would be part of C4 and it would only be active on the times I set? Is that correct? If so that would be a very good idea. Thanks.
  10. Looking for a remote dealer from the Vancouver Island/Vancouver area or at lease same time zone.
  11. Google has made a lot of changes this year--- any change to this Control4 driver working with Google now? IFTTT not preferred, loved this driver using Philips Hue when it worked 1-2 years ago.
  12. put in a KC120. add a z2io at the fireplace do the relay control. Program the new Fireplace experience button to control the fireplace and program the keypad.
  13. You can probably run another DLNA server on your Synology if you want.
  14. I was going to ask my dealer to move me on to the DLNA driver as everyone seems to say it is better... but seeing that with a Synology NAS one loses search capability, that seems like a step backwards? Am I missing something?
  15. What is everyone doing to replace the low voltage fireplace switch? Friend of mine has black Adaptive Phase Dimmers and Switches with Stainless Steel Lutron Claro Plates. They would like a solution that matches these aesthetics. cheers Jason
  16. Somehow in one swift motion I destroyed my lighting. All my lights are named “chandelier” instead of the name they are assigned in pro. This happened either during OS3 update or while I made a scene on my iPhone or I have no clue. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I have no independent control of lights except all off or all on apart from keypad control. thank you.
  17. Yeah I can’t see that option either. Think I’ll stick with the Neos app for now as I don’t see the point of integrating something which has less functionality just for integration sake. Shame coz I really like the idea of it.
  18. Does anyone know the frequency for Fanimation Slinger V2?
  19. Distribution via HDBaseT Loller. I watch a lot of 4K, and I have a 65Q9F Qled there, so it's nice to have the best possible picture. I do not use the TV apps, but Roku also matrixed to that zone now via the Denon zone2.
  20. I'm not technical but the issue I have is this. Since my upgrade to OS3, whenever I want to do pretty much ANYTHING with the app it keeps saying "connecting to network" then about 5 seconds later it connects. If I say go and get a beer and come in to use the app again, then the same happens. OS3 is really quite rubbish. Is this what everyone means above? My email address is ntpayne1@gmail.com
  21. So, The Honeywell HSIM module worked perfectly with the Honeywell VISTA 21IP and C4 version 2.10.6. It has not been working since my upgrade to OS3. Can other confirm that is correct that the HSIM and OS3 are not compatiable/functioning properly? If that is the case, is my only option is to purchase the 4243CBM module and have it programmed? Cheers Jason
  22. Enough already. We know you have things for sale.
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