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  2. If only the manufacturer supplied a document with the device purchased that explained how it worked.
  3. Whacky programming, something convenient, something so behind the scenes you never notice but matters? I can’t think of anything else my house can do for me. (Get a bigger house?) Not that exciting but I have programming that limits run time on a dehumidifier because of noise between 12a and 5a woo!
  4. How hard would it be to cancel pandora and pay for a streaming service that you don’t have to worry about skips? tidal deezer spotify amazon music
  5. Thanks all! The previous owner has only directed me to the dealer when I inquire. I live north of Houston. I can see Control4 is option in my network options, but it’s password protected.
  6. control4 still limits you to 6 skips when I pay for premium service with unlimited skips. such junk
  7. Omg, amazing.. lol.. not. can you fix the myriad of other defects your system has and maybe lower the price by 90%..
  8. I added the driver, but all I can see on the T3 is a blank white screen. How do I get this to actually work?
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  10. oh, btw, control4 hasn't updated their driver to accommodate Pandora premium, are you kidding me? seriously, how hard could that be??
  11. Hi! System 3.0 will run Navigator 3.0 or are we already on that version? Because the recently updated DSC TL 280 driver is referencing Navigator 3.0 on the Documentation tab.
  12. Club411 there is a blast from the past user name!
  13. https://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/19/05/21/savant-rolls-out-homekit-support-including-circuit-breaker-control maybe us too?
  14. Had to laugh... rumors about 3.0 go back 2010!
  15. For those following this thread, Control4 released their new Pentair Intellicenter Driver last week.
  16. https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&fq=manufacturer%3A"Jandy"
  17. Hardly any use, came from my brothers house actually, he used these very seldom and they're in pristine working condition. Make an offer. Most of you on the forums know me, so you can rest assured that everything is in proper order. EDIT: Remotes are now SOLD. Touchscreen is still available. email me at neil_control4@yahoo.com
  18. Well done. Should this ever be something for my family would absolutely be hitting you up.
  19. Q: Does anyone know if there is a pool control driver for Jandy equipment? I want to control the Jandy RS-PS8 system (that is the brain / control box). It currently has its own app and is connected via WiFi to the home network. Have several Jandy branded pool pumps, heat pump, lights, and bubblers all connected to the system. Any help appreciated.
  20. Thx! Been using this for my son. While not happy at 3:30a this morning when alarm triggered, I was happy to see him again for breakfast! Fires event at configurable low and high sugar levels. You can do anything C4 can do in response to event - lights on in room(s), pathway to kitchen/carbs, alarms/sounds on touchscreens, etc. Even has an alarm snooze that resets after levels are back to “normal”. Based on UI Proxy so uses icons to show CGM level at anytime (see attachment) I just need to retrofit some architecture and get it documented - shouldn’t be too long. bDexcom will do the same, just will hit the Dexcom API instead of Nightscout.
  21. Great integration of technology idea and would love more of this. Especially if you could get the house to alert to low blood sugars.
  22. Oops, why upgrade to 260? Wait for a better remote...
  23. Quantity of 4 please. Shippig to zip 64068 please PM with prices. Thank you Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  24. There is some discussion here - I have had people respond to questions on driver programming on this site.
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